Planning your OE? Welcome to International Working Holidays
USA, UK, Europe, the World…
International Working Holidays™ is a New Zealand based International Employment Agency specialising in placing Kiwis in working holiday jobs in the UK, Canada & America (USA).
We offer amazing International Volunteer Programs as well.
We’ll find you the perfect job overseas. Whether you want to work as a Camp Counsellor in a kids US summer camp over our winter months through Camp America; Nanny legally in USA, Canada or England; or organise a cool Live in Pub job in the UK – we are here to help you! We’ve got Ski Resort Jobs in Canada sorted too. Maybe you’ve dreamed of working with Lions in Africa? Yep – got you sorted. We offer full UK Visa services as well. Take a look around…
After an amazing three year OE in 1991, I came back to NZ and started International Working Holidays to help Kiwis experience the same rewards from working and living in another country that I did, but without all the struggles. “We help Kiwis get sorted fast on arrival – normally with a great job before they leave home. We also have some amazing wildlife volunteer projects to add on to their OE or holiday – we’re the working holiday experts”

African Wildlife Volunteer Adventure Programs

Experience Africa and all it’s beauty and wildlife and actually get to participate in conservation projects – some hands on and some more… Read More

Pre-Arranged Canada Ski Resort Jobs

Work in a Ski Resort in Canada – we will pre-arrange a job with accommodation included at a fab range of ski resorts. … Read More

UK and London Arrival & Visa Packages

We can organise everything you need in the UK – before you leave – bank account, NHS number, orientation, and more. We also make the visa…Read More